9 Best Homemaker Blogs (VIDEO)

If you’re looking for ways to take your home from drab to fab, have we got some blogs for you. Here are nine amazing homemakers who share their tips, tricks and recipes.

1. Cutefetti

Cutefetti is run by Dawn Lopez out of Central Florida. Her goal is to bring cute ideas to people while allowing more time with their family.

Enjoy Traveling With Kids With These Tricks: Traveling with kids isn’t always easy. Take a look at how she keeps her little ones entertained on the road.

Stress Relief Care Package Ideas: This article may have been written with the holidays in mind, but you can send care packages all year long. It’s easier than you think, too.

Spring Fun: Edible Terrarium Dessert Jars: Brownies, candy, coconut and other confections come together for an adorable, edible dessert to make with your kids.

2.The Happier Homemaker

The Happier Homemaker knows that women are balancing more than ever nowadays. Follow their tips to keep your home running while enjoying life.

Spring Printable Art: Beautiful and completely free, you can print these pictures out and hang them on your wall.

Freezer Inventory Printable: Every home needs a working kitchen. This list lets you keep track of what’s in your freezer, including the quantity and when it expires.

How To Clean Your Bathroom In 5 Minutes: Clean your bathroom on commercial breaks!

3. Domestic Deadline

Domestic Deadline is run by Emily, a homemaker with a never-ending to-do list. She blogs about her favorite recipes, gives organizing tips and craft ideas.

DIY No-Sew Fabric Daffodils: A perfect craft for springtime.

Gluten-Free Waffles Overnight: If you’re thinking about giving up gluten but love waffles, give these a try.

Adding Shelves For Storage, Display, and Organization: Everyone could use a little more space in their home.

4. 3 Boys And A Dog

3 Boys and a Dog is run by Kelli in Alabama. She’s a homemaker with 3 boys and a dog who loves to write, especially about all of her homemaking tips.

19 Red Lobster Copycats You Can Make At Home: If you love Red Lobster but prefer to stay home, try these recipes.

Vermont State Fact File Worksheets: A worksheet that’s perfect for a child learning about the state of Vermont. She also has other educational worksheets.

Calming Lavender Essential Oil Soap Recipe: Lavender has natural calming effects. Save some money by making this soap at home.

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5. The Homemaking Cottage

The Homemaking Cottage is for women who need support on how to run the perfect home. They also encourage women to take care of themselves, something that often takes a backseat while taking care of your family.

10 Tips For Keeping Your Car Clean Inside: Cars can get cluttered easily. Here are 10 tips to prevent that from happening.

Ideas For Visiting The Nursing Home With Your Family: Nursing home residents can get lonely. Bring your kids along and show them how to be compassionate.

10 Things Every Child Should Learn About Homemaking: How to do laundry, use a microwave and clean as you go. Read this article and then share with your kids.

6. Stacey Homemaker

Stacey Homemaker is a vegetarian who loves to promote a healthy, tasty lifestyle. She also shares amazing craft ideas.

Braided Flower Centerpiece: Make your next dinner really stand out!

Zucchini Pizza Bites: You won’t miss the carbs with these pizza bites.

Avocado Caprese Salad: Avocado takes caprese salad to another level.

7. Forgetful Momma

Forgetful Momma is run by Ashley, a busy mom who home schools her children. She offers tips to other home schoolers, shares recipes and suggests some fun kid activities.

Tasty Tuesday: Nacho Doritos Chicken: Your family will love this marriage between Doritos and chicken.

4 Things I Always Have For Kids: From paint to Play Doh, here’s how you can always keep your kids entertained.

Homemade Puffy Paint: Even adults love to play with puffy paint.

8. Frugal Family Home

Frugal Family Home is for anyone who wants an organized home and has a strict budget. From gardening to freebies, this site has you covered.

How to Cook Dinner Every Night For Your Family, 10 Tips To Get It Done: Avoid takeout and please everyone’s palate.

My 8 Tips For Simple Living: We live in a complex society. Here’s how you can simplify your life.

5 Tips to Simplify Your Grocery Shopping: From menu planning to stockpiling, making grocery shopping a breeze with these tips.

9. Raising Arrows

Raising Arrows is run by Amy, a Christian woman with a large family. Her blog is great for others who homeschool their children and are looking for ways to bring the family together.

Large Family Living: If you have a big family, read this article for tips on how to make it all work.

How to Homeschool When Dad Works From Home: With so many of us working from home, learn how to give a working adult space as you teach your children.

Cooking & Cleaning Systems When Mom Is Not Feeling Well: When mom needs to rest, here’s how the rest of the family can pitch in.

Do you know of other homemaking blogs that make the cut? Leave them in the comments!

Watch this video for some easy cleaning hacks, including a fast way to get rid of garbage odor.

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