A Creepy Look At The Secret Underground Tunnels In Los Angeles, And How You Can Find Them Yourself!


Now that humans are destroying all the wooded areas and neat trails you once explored as a child, the new adventurers of today are having to get creative. Instead of going inside all the buildings downtown, they’re going below them.

You can participate in this ‘urban exploration’ in just about every big city in the country, but today we’re going to focus on the secret underground tunnels of Los Angeles. The most popular tunnel runs between the Los Angeles County Hall of Records and the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration.

And this tunnel is dripping with history. Criminals, including the “Onion Field” killers Jimmie Lee Smith and Gregory Powell, reportedly traveled through the tunnels from their cells to the courthouse for their trials in the 1960s. And then there was the time the county had to quietly transport $1 billion in cash payments from the Hall of Records to the Hall of Administration.



Most recently, the HBO series True Detective filmed a shootout scene inside the tunnel. If you dare to enter, all you need to do is find these elevators located behind the Hall of Records. Even though you are encouraged not to go down, the city realizes they can’t stop everyone, so there are rules and hours posted outside the elevator doors. You’ll want to read them before entering.


If you’re one of those strange people who like to be prepared before going on potentially dangerous adventures, you can click on this link to read what you can expect.

We’ll give you a little taste…

“When I was there, I passed a lone filing cabinet flat on its back and a empty golf cart stacked with legal boxes, apparently waiting for a driver. Somewhere upstairs a baby was crying. My heart was beating as I retraced my steps, confidently as I could, back to the escalator, down to the elevator, and up to Grand Park.”


Images via: City Lab/Blumhouse