A Little Boy Started a Lemonade Stand for Charity, Never Dreamed This Celebrity Would Donate

Kids are kind-hearted souls. They are pure, innocent, and precious. Raising a kid to be a good person is one significant achievement for parents. Hence, we must hone them to be aware of how diverse the world is and the importance of empathy. Kids these days are now mindful of what is happening in the world. With the help of social media and parents’ guidance to open their eyes and heart about reality- that apart from the beauty of the world, there is poverty, war, hunger, and conflict. Two 6-year old kids from East London are a perfect example of kids whose eyes are open in seeing the other face of reality- Ayaan Moosa and Mikaeel Ishaaq.

With that, life rewarded them with a generous donation and an unforgettable experience of being noticed by the one and only Angeline Jolie! Ayaan and Mikaeel started their fundraising program to give help to a particular humanitarian organization, Yemen Appeal.

Yemen Appeal is a UK-based organization that aims to send food packs, essentials, and water to the people of Yemen. So, how did the two kids take part to donate? They put up a lemonade stand wherein they sell every refreshing cup with Β£2, equivalent to $3. Such a good idea! The kids do not only encourage passersby to buy their lemonade. They extended their encouraging advocacy on Instagram.

But here is the surprise! The queen of humanitarian activities just noticed our 6-year old heroes and sent a generous amount of donation. The surprise does not end there. The gift comes with a personal note for the two. Surprised and happy at the same time, the mothers of Ayaan ad Mikaeel feels like on cloud nine on receiving such a huge surprise. And since the kids being just kids and not aware of who Angelina Jolie is, their dads fill them in. Angelina expressed her desire to see the kids on her next London trip. The two made a thank you video for the actress’s generous donation and support in their advocacy.

Ayaan and Mikaeel personally want to help Yemeni families who are suffering from civil war for five years now. Indeed, age does do not matter when it comes to giving. It is the heart that truly matters.

Sending our 6-year old superheroes love and more lemonades to sell! These kids are an inspiration to everyone!