Adorable Baby Girl Hilariously Tries To Say the Word ‘Table’ For First Time

We don’t often stop and think about how difficult it must have been to learn how to talk when we were babies. When you think about all of the words we had to learn, along with the context to use these words, it’s truly a remarkable feat.

For those who grew up with English as our first language, it never occurs to us just how complicated the language is. But for most non-native English speakers, they can tell you it’s incredibly challenging. For example, we pronounce totally different words the same, which can be very confusing. The word “see” is pronounced the same as “sea.” Try asking someone learning English, “Did you see the giant orange letter “C” in the sea?” and just watch the pained look of confusion on their face!

In this video, a little girl is learning how to pronounce the word “table” for the first time, and she has a few “technical difficulties,” bringing it all together.

Her adorable little smile at the end is just enough to make your heart melt! Personally, I think if we still spoke in baby talk this world would be a much better place. Please be sure to share this heartwarming video with your friends and family.