American Customs That Other Countries Find Quite Puzzling

What is normal in one country can seem strange if you aren’t from there. Granted, “normal” is a relative and subjective term, but most of us have experienced a touch of culture shock when traveling abroad.

But what about those who come to the United States for a visit? What is most unusual to them about us? Here’s a few things they can’t quite figure out:

  • That We Say Please And Thank You


This leads some to think that Americans are ultrapolite.


  • That There Are American Flags Everywhere!


We put the flag almost everywhere: On our homes, on our cars, on our clothing. In most other countries, the flag is reserved for government buildings and national holidays.


  • The Food Portions Are HUGE!


Most non-Americans are amazed by how much we are served in a restarant. Supersizing is not that common in other countries, and the idea of free refills on anything is practically unheard of!


  • Tipping Is Not Practiced


This is not because Americans are more generous to those who serve us. In Europe, servers are paid significantly more per hour, so tipping is not needed.


  • America Is Gigantic


If you come from a smaller country, it can take some adjusting to the fact that you can drive for three days and still not run out of land.


  • Our Public Restrooms Are Not Very Private


Public bathrooms in the U.S. often have a gap around the door, and if you’re not careful, you can catch an eyeful of a stranger inside.

In many countries, public restrooms are more like closets, with full doors and ceilings. The openness of American stalls is uncomfortable for people who aren’t used to it.