Art For Peace

In a world that seem so harsh and cruel, there are lights. Artists take pain and transform it into beauty. Some want to make you think, comfort those suffering and seeking answers, while others rage against the darkness. We all have a story to tell. It is our connection that separates us from beasts. Artist Jody Steel has come forward with a beautiful video that not only showcases her talent, but makes a statement. We are connected at the heart. That is where peace begins and ends. Flags, countries, and borders may be part of who we are, but they are just concepts. They are bits of colors on a cloth and lines on a piece of paper.

“The best way you can counter all of this hate is to be kind and show compassion for people who may be different from you, who may love differently from you. If only everyone could express themselves through art and through speech, rather than through violence. My heart hurts. It’s hard to find positivity and light in dark times. Try smiling at a complete stranger today. You may make their day a little better.”

Posted by Jody Steel on Saturday, November 14, 2015

Featured Image courtesy of Jody Steel’s Facebook page.