Back By Popular Demand, Here Are More Mind-Bending Optical Illusions For You

The other day I did a fun story about optical illusions and got lots of positive feedback, so here are some more you’ll enjoy. Please be sure and share them if they intrigue you.

Which way is this dancer spinning?


You can actually see her spinning in either direction. Try staring at her outstretched leg and see if she spins in the other direction.


Are the two spheres the same size?


Did you let the perspective of the bricks fool you? They are indeed the same size.


Are the two squares with dots in the same color?


Amazing how color can fool our advanced brains. They are indeed the same color.


Can you see an orange neon heart with a halo around it?



Watch A Black Hole Expand



I love this one!


Is this image animated?


No, it isn’t animated, but our brains perceive it that way. How cool is that?

h/t Brain Bashers