BEAM US UP! Colorful Light Pillars Shoot Down From The Sky

One Canadian photographer woke up to quite the light show, thanks to his two-year-old who needed to be soothed. While tending to his cries at 1:30 in the morning, Timothy Joseph Elzinga glanced out the window and thought the unimaginable might be happening.

“It looked like someone from star trek was trying to beam people up.”

“Beam Me Up, Scotty”

According to CBC News, the pillars happen when certain conditions are present: bitter cold air and light crystals that float close to the ground. As his photos and video show, those colorful beams against a snowy landscape is a site to behold.

While all of this shows just how amazing Mother Nature can be, it would have been pretty cool if Elzinga had been beamed up and met William Shatner.

Look To The Sky

In addition to these light pillars, we recently highlighted the work of some brave photographers who took pictures of the Northern Lights. Those occur when particles from both the sun’s and earth’s atmosphere collide, causing a kaleidoscope of colors that light up the sky. Yet even more evidence that Mother Nature can often outshine modern technology.

Watch the video of the light pillars below, then head on over to Elzinga’s Imgur page to see some pictures. You won’t want to miss those images of the Northern Lights, either.

Feature Image: Twisted Sifter