Brain Teaser: How Many Triangles Can You Find In This Picture?

There’s been some consternation on the Internet lately over this picture and the exact number of triangles you can see in it. Take a look:



The good folks at the website were kind enough to do the math for us, and have broken it down into sections, so here we go:



First you count all of the small triangles:

Each square of four triangles contains 8 small triangles. And there are 4 squares in total.

4 squares x 8 small triangles = 32 triangles. But that’s just the beginning.



Little Things then advises you to zoom out and look for the large triangles. There are large triangles.

So, 4 large triangles + 32 small triangles = 36 triangles. Not finished just yet!


Lastly, you should count up the medium triangles. There are 8 medium triangles.

In fact, each medium triangle is half the size of one large triangle.

Ready to add it all up? Here’s the equation for the mathematically inclined in the audience: 16 + (8×2) + (4×2) + (1×2) + (1×2) = ?

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the answer:




































Did you get it right? Be honest! If so, congratulations! If not, don’t feel bad, neither did I. That’s probably why I’m a writer instead of a math whiz.