Calling All Avocado Lovers!

If you happen to be planning your next vacation stop, you might want to check out flights to Amsterdam, because that is exactly where the first all-avocado restaurant will be opening its doors to all the green fruit fans – yes, it is a fruit; technically some kind of delicious berry.

The Avocado Show is the masterpiece bar behind the genius minds of Julien Zaal, Jaimie van Heije, and Ron Simpson; which will be opening on February this year on the De Pijp district. From breakfast to late night snacks, the kitchen will be serving a fusion between American, Australian, and Mexican cuisine with only one rule: “… The dishes need to contain the green super fruit in one way or another.” Simpson told to a Dutch newspaper.

via @TheAvocadoShow Facebook

The menu possibilities seem endless, but so far the restaurant has published some mouth-watering creations via Instagram and Facebook such as avocado burgers, avocado pizza, avocado sandwiches, avocado ice cream and milkshakes or even the fan favorite avocado toast. Sounds and looks like heaven, right?

Let’s raise our palms in excitement for these glorious delights and cross our fingers we get to try them out soon.

All Images via Instagram and Facebook.