Cruise Ships In Bad Weather: This Video Might Make You Fear Taking Cruises

I’ve never been on a cruise, and certainly not on cruise ships in bad weather. I’ve been on boats in the ocean in choppy weather but never anything like in these videos. And even on those little fishing boats, I still got seasick. I just don’t have my sea legs. But I’m all about an adventure.

Cruise Ships in Bad Weather

I think when people who have never been on a cruise think about what their first cruise will be like, they’re thinking of something like Love Boat (remember Love Boat???). They maybe picture a big majestic ship cruising along calm and relaxing seas. Relaxing on the deck, etc…

Well…there’s another side to this. Bad weather and bad seas DO happen, after all.

Watch this amazing video of cruise ships in bad weather. Terrifying.


In that video of cruise ships in bad weather, you can hear a woman referencing the video below of a cruise ship in Antarctica. More insanity.

Here’s another video of a cruise ship sailing during a bad storm at sea. The man who filmed it is a cruise ship musician. Blessedly, this video has no music. Just lots of waves.

Cruising in a Storm, Yay or Nay?

I’ll still do it! I told my husband “the ocean respects NO ONE.” He said:

“Yep, and that’s why I like to give it its space.”

Here’s another remarkable video of cruise ships in bad weather. These ships were in serious danger. There are some annoying ads in this video. Just skip through them as soon as YouTube lets you. Must watch!

All of this aside, while this would be terrifying, I have a confession. Being on cruise ships in bad weather would be exciting adventures as long as the boat didn’t go down. You know, like coming face to face with a lion or something. Not so fun at the time, but hella fun to talk about if you survive it.

Featured image: Leo Cardelli, via Pixabay

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