Douchebag Politician Caught On Camera Intentionally Blocking An Ambulance During Emergency

The pompous guy you see in the shocking video below is named Boris Záhumenský. He is a politician in Slovakia and is reportedly known locally for being a huge douchebag.

Well, now he’s famous around the world. A video of him blocking an ambulance, which was rushing an 84-year-old woman to the hospital, has went viral.

Just listen to how frustrated and shocked the paramedics were…

According to the reports, police have suspended his license and removed his legally owned guns because they fear he’s not right in the head.

This comment on Reddit claims Boris told a local newspaper he was trying to help the emergency workers, “I was in a hurry, so I drove after the ambulance for several kilometers. Then the ambulance stopped on the side so I have passed them and was trying to make space for them by driving about 10m in front of the ambulance and flashing my lights … I was only trying to help them!”

Screengrab via: Youtube