Even Colored Films And Photography Are Racists. Here Is What It Does To Black People

Racial discrimination is a huge issue in our society today. Everywhere you go, you’ll see people discriminating other people. Most of these are blamed on races. Some people just can’t accept the fact that there are different races and that all races should be equal.

Sometimes, these racists were just brought up that way. Sometimes, they just feel entitled. A lot of times, though, there is this thing called “unconscious bias” where they are not aware that they are being discriminatory at someone or something.

Take for example, the seatbelt. The life saving belt is not designed for women with big breasts. This does not mean that women with big breasts do not deserve saving. It’s just that the one who invented it was thinking of something else and unconsciously forgot about these women.

Thus is the case of colored films, photography and technology.

I’m sure they did not intend to disregard people with dark skin. What do you think?