Fight Crime And Boredom Creatively — With Cardboard!

Remember the joys of imagination as a young child? Playing for hours on end in an empty refrigerator box and designing forts and houses made entirely out of cardboard?

Three friends from Australia never forgot.

Josh Spiegel, Ross Koger, and Hoss Siegel longed for more creative pursuits in their daily lives. That’s where the inspiration for Boxwars came about.

The three resolved to get a bunch of buddies together back in 2002 and build suits of armor from everyday cardboard.

Since those early days of brainstorming, Boxwars has become widely popular with epic battles. Evolving impressive costume construction that could be considered art. The anti-hero slogan coined by founders on the site reads:

“…the point is to build something from cardboard, then destroy it, which destroys the point. No one has yet won a battle as there are only losers in Boxwars.” –

Boxwars continues to master their crafty cardboard skills building massive recycled sculptures and traveling all over to music festivals and events promoting their message of repurposing discarded objects in the name of fun and creativity.

“One of our main goals is to bring cardboard back to the consumers who discarded it in the first place without realizing its true potential.” – Boxwars Founders

The imaginative friends continue to fight for peace and creativity while waging a war on recycling.

“After all, the only good reason for a war is a Boxwar!” –

Featured Image from Boxwars Facebook