Get A Dose Of Harry Potter As You Can Now Print Moving Pictures

Are you ready to get blown away by technology? LifePrint is an app that works like a printer network. It is a portable printer that prints augmented reality photos. As of January 2016, $291,935 has already been raised to make this amazing app a reality and make you print moving photos using your phone.

Yes! You can instantly print photos directly from your smartphone. You can even share it with your family and friends and they can print it on their own printer.

Bring your photos to life by using this technology. You do not have to worry about memorizing which photos are Augmented Reality and which ones are not because when you print a Hyperphoto, a small watermark will be found in the right hand of corner of the photo.

If you really do not want it, there is also an option to take it off.


This is like Harry potter frames coming to life! It is totally a must-have! After all, magic and technology do not differ that much. Do you agree?


Image via Facebook.


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