Hair Is The New Street Art

Art knows no limits; there is no riddle here, but you might want to use your head on this one. Literally.

Remember how glitter roots and multi-color unicorn hair made their way through in 2016? Well, everyone is betting graffiti hair is the next best thing and we love it because looks quite artsy!

It all started last year with Janine Ker, a hairstylist who added stencils and spray paint to traditional styling to create some pretty unique designs on her clients. From geometric patterns and color combinations to amazing hand-drawn designs; Ker turned the magic of street art into a big beauty trend as soon as she shared her creations on social media.

Daniel Moon, celebrity colorist, or even Fendi, the fashion brand, have joined the graffiti fever and stepped into another level, Hello neon or glitter hairspray!, even people are posting online their own attempts and creations from home.

On the not-so-bright side of the story, it seems to take longer to create than what it lasts because it will disappear as soon as you wash that hair off – but we are thinking that turning your head into a canvas sounds so cool it might be worth the try.

Featured Image via Instagram