Healthcare Worker Is Astonished By the Message Left on Her Lawn

Today in these trying times where the world’s health is at risk, the health care workers have been our firm foundation. They are the ones who have been busy tending the patients since day 1 of the pandemic. It isn’t a typical day to see hospitals in full motion almost every day. So unusual that we get to see the nurses, doctors, and other medical practitioners wear a protective suit while on duty. And wearing layers of protective equipment means that they are not allowed to eat, pee, or even take a sip of water to quench thirst. That is how risky their life is.

As a way to appreciate our unsung heroes in the middle of the pandemic, one community in San Antonio surprised a healthcare worker by putting up a giant “thank you” on her lawn. In the video, the health care worker came surprised as she parks in her front yard and saw the giant appreciation gift standing in her property. Still wearing her hospital uniform, the worker can’t help but cry happy tears, as if the small surprise just washed out her weariness. The big sign says,

“Thank You, Patra! #HERO”

The said health worker was recently awarded for her outstanding efforts in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. It may be not a great time right now and of course, too early to celebrate, but in small ways, we can send our health workers little token to appreciate their efforts. Our small act of appreciation is undoubtedly big enough and heart-melting for them. We can express our gratitude through staying at home, practice social distancing, and do proper hygiene. We can also send them with thank you notes and short video greetings to boost their strength and fill them with so much love. Let us make them feel that we appreciate them, and we see their efforts.

Here is a little sunshine for you today ’cause you’re in for a treat! Watch the video below:

Not all heroes wear capes. Most of the time, you can find them in the hospital, taking good care of patients. Thank you to our hardworking medical practitioners. For without them, we cannot imagine what the world would be by now.