The Definitive Guide To How Your Favorite Colors Really Make You Feel

Most people know that different colors are associated with different things and feelings. For example, red is associated with anger and love, and can even make you feel those emotions.

There’s actually a name for that: it’s called color psychology.┬áHere are just a few colors and how they make people feel.

How Does Yellow Make You Feel?

How the color yellow makes you feel sunflower
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Bright colors, especially yellow, tend to make people alert. When I think of the color yellow, I actually think about McDonald’s because of its neon yellow sign.

Yellow is also associated with happiness, so I guess that explains why seeing that sign makes me happy.

Combined with these facts, yellow is also associated with making people hungry.┬áSmart move, McDonald’s.

How Does Blue Make You Feel?

How color blue makes you feel ocean waves
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Blue is considered a calming color, good for helping people relax. For example, I always feel calm seeing the blue sky, or its reflection in the ocean.

Blue is also associated with businesses and corporate occasions, so try wearing blue to your next job interview.

How Does White Make You Feel?

How color white makes you feel clouds
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White is technically the absence of color, but I still think it belongs here. White is often associated with purity, cleanliness, and wide-open spaces.

White is usually a neutral color, which is why it’s often used in places like hospitals. It’s low stress, and it makes the area look clean.

How Does Pink Make You Feel?

How color pink makes you feel
Jill Wellington via Pixabay

Pink is known as a sophisticated, lighthearted color. It’s often associated with femininity, but guys can wear it too.

Of course, we all know pink as the color of love, especially since it’s everywhere when Valentine’s Day comes around. Try using shades of pink to set a romantic mood.

How Does Black Make You Feel?

how color black makes you feel
Thomas Wolter via Pixabay

Black is often associated with evil and death, but that’s not always the case. It’s also a sophisticated color that can represent authority and intelligence.

Black is another color to try wearing to your job interview – it’ll help you seem classy and confident.

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