If You Like Mythbusters, You’ll LOVE This Story!

Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, along with their amazing crew, are well-known as the Mythbusters – still a very popular television show despite being cancelled in 2016. On the show, the crew tested all sorts of myths and urban legends to see what was true and what was not, and they did so under very strict scientific conditions.

One show in particular, though, wound up being more than entertaining.

On April 3, 2007, Theresa Booth’s car slid off the road into an icy lake. Her daughter was in the backseat, strapped into her carseat. As the car filled with freezing cold water, Theresa nearly panicked.

But then she remembered what she saw on Mythbusters, and it saved her life.

It was one time when “Don’t try this at home” went right out the window … or out the car door, as it were.

Watch Theresa tell her story here, and see the crew’s reaction!

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Image via Quickmeme

Featured image via screenshot from YouTube video