Look What This Totally Awesome Teacher Does With His Kids

If going to school was a pain in the derriere for you growing up, then you would have benefited from a teacher like Barry White, Jr.

Image via YouTube Screenshot

His unique interaction with his students has caught the eye of several news channels, and that’s because Mr. White does something truly extraordinary. He shares a special handshake with each of his 40 odd students, and no two handshakes are the same. When asked about how he remembers all of the different handshakes, he replied:

“At this point, it’s mostly muscle memory. We do it so much everyday”

It’s clear that this 5th grade literacy teacher in Ashley Park Elementary School in Charlotte, North Carolina is making a huge impact on his students. Many of his students are from lower income families, and these handshakes are his way of making them feel special and welcomed in his class. From dabbing to dance steps, you can watch all their moves here:

Mr. White apparently started out with a special handshake for only one or two students, but it soon got pretty widespread. This Cleveland Cavaliers fan said that he was inspired by LeBron James’ pregame handshakes with his teammates. Apparently, he wanted his students to feel the same camaraderie and bond that LeBron and the rest of the Cavaliers share with each other.

The school’s principal, Meaghan Lofthus added:

“The only way to help our scholars achieve at high levels every day is to embrace the need for  meaningful and deep relationships”

We’re sure that Barry White, Jr.’s approach is helping to build those relationships of trust and will inspire students to be themselves and be confident. Wherever his ideas came from, it’s clear that he has made quite and impression not just on his students, but on all of us.

Featured image via screenshot from Today show video