Make This Easy DIY Triangle Organizer And Change Your Entire Life


OK not really change your life, but this is hella cool! And so easy, AND uses stuff you probably have on hand, except maybe the Washi tape, but you can buy that on Amazon for cheap, or at any craft store. Then you’ll always have it on hand for future projects. The colors of Washi tape used in the video are here.


Supplies needed:


  1. Cut the cardboard into 12 inch (30.5 cm) by 4 inch (10cm) rectangular pieces
  2. Cut 16 pieces.
  3. On the 12 inch side of the rectangles, carefully make a fold along the 4 inch and 8 inch mark.
  4. Fold them inwardly to make your equilateral triangles.
  5. Use a 14 inch (35.5cm) piece of your pretty duct tape to assemble the triangles. ‘
  6. Use Washi tape to make it even prettier, as in the video.
  7. Align the 12 inch sides of your rectangles to the 14 inch pieces of tape. You’ll have 2 inches of tape sticking out on one side of the cardboard.
  8. Make a really small cut at the 2 inch mark. Fold the duct tape in, then fold all the pieces inward to form the triangles. The extra 2 inches of tape is for holding your triangles together.
  9. Use another piece of tape on the opposite end of the triangle to hold it in place.
  10. Repeat exact process on all the rest of the pieces of cardboard.
  11. Use your hot glue gun for attaching all of the triangles together.

Go get organized!

Psst: you can do it with shoes, too.

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