Pablo Picasso’s Self-Portraits Over 75 Years Of His Life

Pablo Picasso was one of the most prolific artists of his time.

He was so addicted to painting that he often ran out of canvas to paint upon. Modern radiology shows that some of Picasso’s most famous paintings are actually an overpainting and have up to four different images in the layers below the one that is shown.

Watch him change a fish to a rooster…

Picasso is famous for paying for things he needed by using a handwritten check. For example, after Picasso was internationally famous, he would frequently pay for a big meal, for himself and his friends, at a restaurant by writing a check. Because he was already so famous his signature was worth so much more that the amount of the restaurant bill, so the owner of the restaurant would not cash his check and instead auction the item for its value as the Picasso signature.

The legacy of Picasso is astounding and thanks to the collection from Reddit we can see how Picasso painted himself as a self-portrait and how this changed over 75 years of his life.

The self-portraits are spectacular:

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