Photographer That Posted A Photo And Labeled London As SH** Is Making People’s Blood Boil

Whenever you ride public transport, whether it be a train, a bus or just about anything in public, it is the common norm to give up your seat to people who need it more than you.

Usually, when an old person, a disabled or a pregnant woman enters, people scramble to give their seat. Out of respect.

So when you are a witness of a situation where nobody is giving a seat to an old person, what would you do?


This photographer took a photo and posted it on Facebook. Piotr Skupny posted the photo above in a Facebook Group called ‘Sh** London’ on November 15.

The said post received hundreds of comments, some saying it is ‘shameful’ and ‘disgusting’.

One woman said it “made her blood boil”, while another commented: “My mum has crutches and is obviously disabled, I have to shame people on the tube into giving a seat to her. People see her and then shove their faces into their [newspapers] or get into an intense game of candy crush so they can ignore her.”

Can it be misinterpreted?

As it is normal in Social Media, one photo can have different sides and people are just quick to judge. So in this case, could it be that the photo is misinterpreted? Could the man be proud enough to decline the offers he got to sit?

When asked, the photographer’s answer puts a rest to the case. The photo is not misinterpreted. The man was standing for 3-4 stops and nobody were offering their seats.

Here is his answer from Mirror.

“The picture is about three or four years old.

“It was Sunday morning on the Circle line (as far as I remember).

“I took a snap only because for three or four stops, no one reacted to the elderly gentleman.

“At that time this little moment was very thought-provoking.

“I spent 13 years in London and now live in Jersey. Through this photo I declare London: sh**.”


Image via Mirror Online.