Keeping The Ancient Languages Alive

Since the first Europeans set foot on the American continent, through the flocks of people on Easter Island and Hawaii, up to today; native people have endured a struggle to hold on to their cultural identities. We may never know the full extent of what has been lost forever. In the 1970’s there was a resurgence of native people preserving cultural heritage, identity, languages,and customs. One of the more daunting tasks has been preserving native languages. Years pass and the speakers fluent in their native tongue dwindle. Recently a language was lost as the last woman to speak it died in her 90’s still telling stories of her people to all who would listen.

There is hope. All across the world small groups of native people are using every technique and technology to keep oral traditions and languages alive in the mouths of a new generation. I have assembled a few videos, but I could never come close to presenting them all. Perhaps this will spark a quest in a reader that may become a passion.

For more information visit:Native American Language Preservation Summit and Falmouth Institute

Featured Image courtesy of Native American Language Preservation Summit