Russian Figure Skater Recreates on Ice the Epic Dance Scene from ‘Wednesday’

Figure skating is a beloved sport that requires strength, agility, and artistry. It is a popular winter Olympic event, with captivating performances from some of the world‘s best athletes. One of these athletes is Kamila Valieva, a Russian figure skater who has achieved great success in her short career.

Valieva began skating at the age of three, inspired by her mother‘s love of the sport. She quickly developed a passion for it and began training with top coaches in Moscow. As Valieva progressed in her training, her skills and technique improved, and she was soon competing in international events.

Kamila Valieva made her first international appearance in 2019 at the Junior Grand Prix in France, where she placed fifth. In 2020, she competed at the Junior Grand Prix Final in Poland and won the gold medal, becoming the first Russian woman to do so. Valieva continued to shine in international competitions throughout 2020 and 2021, including the European Championships, where she won the bronze medal.

She also won the gold medal at the 2021 World Junior Championships in Croatia. Valievas impressive performances have earned her the title ofQueen of Junior Figure Skating. Valieva is wellknown for her signature triple loops, which she performs with great precision and grace. She is also known for her combination of jumps, spins, and footwork, which she executes with ease.

Valieva is wellrespected by her peers and coaches for her dedication to the sport and her hard work. While still young, she has many years ahead of her in the sport. She is a formidable skater who will no doubt continue to improve and impress in the years to come. With her talent and dedication, it is certain that she will have a successful future in figure skating.

In the video below, Valieva recreates the moody dance routine performed by Jenna Ortega in the hit Netflix show “Wednesday.”

Watch Ortega’s dance for a comparison.