She Thinks She’s Going on Field to Kick the Ball, Ohio State Football Player Boyfriend Has Other Plans

Proposing to someone is a big deal. You’ve got to find just the right time and scenario. This Ohio State Football player did it just

Drue Chrisman is a kicker for the Ohio State Buckeyes. His proposal at a packed football game went viral. Avery Eliason, his girlfriend had no idea what was coming.

Chrisman enlisted the help of his long snapper, Liam McCullough, and his girlfriend. They pretended that they were going to have a kicking contest between the two women on the field.

Ohio state proposal

During halftime, Drue Chrisman brought his girlfriend onto the field for the kicking contest. Avery Eliason thought she was going in to kick the ball, but Chris dropped the ball and pulled out a ring instead.

At first, Avery was not sure what was going on. She went in to kick the ball, but Drue signaled her to stop. Then, he pulled out the ring hidden by the ball and Eliason knew exactly what was going on.

Ohio State proposal

As soon as he pulled out the ring, she put her hands over her face to fight back tears. Eventually, she nods yes and the crowd goes wild. The team rushes onto the field to congratulate the newly engaged couple.

Eliason said she had no idea what was going on, she was just nervous to kick the ball in front of everyone. She had never been invited onto the field during a game before.

Chrisman said he was originally planning to propose the following month on their one year anniversary that they had been dating. However, his friends came up with the idea of proposing at the spring game.

Eliason said in an interview:

“Been just feeling so much love from not only Drue but from everybody, family, and friends, and Buckeye Nation has just been so wonderful. Our hearts are so full.”

The couple are childhood sweethearts, and she said he is the love of her life. Naturally, she said yes to his proposal. They plan to marry in the stadium sometime next year.

Featured image: YouTube.