Students Give Their Favorite Custodian A Surprise He Will Never Forget (VIDEO)

My stepfather was a high school custodian for over 15 years, and he had a lot of horror stories. Most of the students didn’t respect him and they would do things throughout the day to make his job more stressful than it needed to be.

And sadly, that experience isn’t unique to my stepfather. Most school custodians don’t get the respect they deserve. It’s just difficult for kids to understand how important their job is. To them, they’re just the people who pick up trash and clean the toilets. It’s so much more than that though, and thankfully a group of kids at Los Primeros School in California understand this.

They have a very special custodian at their school named Rocky Lopez. He’s been working there for 33 years, and everyone loves him. Students say he’s always nice and knows how to make them smile when they’re having a bad day.

So they decided it was their turn to make him smile. They contacted ‘Dude. Be Nice’ apparel, a super cool clothing company that sponsors appreciation projects like this one, and they worked together to create a huge surprise party for Rocky.

The party included Rocky’s favorite candy, students chanting his name, and a special surprise from a former member of his favorite football team.

Watch the heartwarming video below. And spread the love today. Make sure you let those around you know how important they truly are.

Screengrab via: Youtube


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