Surprisingly Cool McDonald’s Locations

In many places, McDonald’s restaurants are pretty standard. The sloping roof and plain brick exterior leave much to be desired, but some McDonald’s architecture takes creativity to a new level, making the restaurants as unique as the locations they’re in.

Times Square, New York City

More like an arcade inside, this McDonald’s is a throwback to the golden age of Broadway. Multi-level seating and brick walls scream chic Manhattan loft instead of fast food.

Image Source: Tom Magliery, Flickr

Independence, OH

A personal favorite of mine. Growing up in Ohio, I’ve seen this restaurant many times. The fancy chandeliers and elegant staircase made me feel as if Ronald McDonald should be there serving my Big Mac on a silver platter. The gorgeous interior made the food taste that much better.

Image Source: Michael P.

Ulsan, South Korea

This eye-catching McDonald’s drive-thru is located inside of a gas station and you almost expect George Jetson to fly in for a burger.

Image source: Jason Teale, Flickr

St. Louis, MO

With its elegant interior, this riverboat was another way to enjoy McDonald’s with class. Unfortunately, this location was closed in late 2000 due to financial reasons.

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Taupo, New Zealand

This decommissioned DC3 plane lets you “fly” in style as you enjoy your food. The aisles are wide and you can even view the cockpit.

Image Source: Backpacker Guide

Chinatown, New York City

Located in the heart of Chinatown, this restaurant keeps it authentic with its beautiful red, green, and gold facade. Inside and out, you never forget you’re in Chinatown.

Image Source: Untapped Cities

Route 66, Vinita, OK

This McDonald’s sits above America’s most famous highway and the view from the inside is awesome!

Image Source: Alan Berning, Flickr

Rotterdam, Netherlands

This former cigar shop was once voted the ugliest building in the city, but thanks to Mickey D’s, this trash became a treasure. The building got even better when it was given a makeover with a new glass exterior and a winding staircase.

Image Source: Metro
Image Source: Business Insider

Barstow, CA

All aboard! This cozy little restaurant isn’t very spacious inside, but the fact that it’s in a rail car makes it cool anyway!

Image Source: REBRN

Roswell, New Mexico

This location is out of this world. Maybe you’ll find a little green friend to share your fries with.

Image Source: Trendspotters


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