The Grammar Vigilante Is Fighting Crimes That Make Editors Cringe

    Fear no more! A guardian in Bristol, England is here to save the world from horrible, devious bad punctuation.

    At night, while everyone is sleeping, the Grammar Vigilante’ stays wide-awake for he dreams of a better place, one where he has corrected every crime against grammar on the streets.

    Screenshot via BBC News
    Screenshot via BBC News

    Armed with some stickers, a ladder, and his “apostrophiser” (A tool he invented for those apostrophes in hard-to-reach banners) the mysterious avenger has been correcting tenses, punctuation, and apostrophes all over shop banners and street signs for the last 13 years.

    Screenshot via BBC News

    Some call him the Banksy of punctuation. Some are calling it vandalism. The modern hero thinks otherwise:

    “People might say what I am doing is wrong, but it is more of a crime to have the apostrophes wrong in the first place.”

    Mr. Grammar Vigilante, I think the world needs more people like you.

    Thank you for your service.

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    Featured Image via Judy Horacek