The Hilariously Fake Book Covers That This Man Is Reading In The Train Got Everybody Looking

We all know it is a sign of respect not to look at what other people are reading. Especially if you don’t know each other and if you just saw them on the train or bus. It’s easy to look away and just mind your own business when you see someone reading.

But what if you see them reading this?


OMG, right?

Here’s another one. On a good day, you may chance another concern person who won’t have second thoughts getting the attention of the reader if he is reading this:


And here’s another one, don’t tell me you didn’t hear that humor.


If these three got you, then wait until you see the whole bunch. Here’s the video:

Did you find the people’s reactions priceless?

Fortunately, the man on the video has more up his sleeves, in his second video, he collaborated with YouTuber Akilah Hughes, and somehow, they found a way to make it funnier than the last.

All images are YouTube screengrabs.