The Terrifying Story Of America’s Creepiest TB Sanatorium

The Waverly Hills TB Sanatorium in Kentucky has long been considered one of the most haunted places in the eastern U.S. The long-standing history of its rise and ultimate fall can be seen with the rise of medications introduced to counteract and treat tuberculosis, which is what the sanatorium focused on.

It became so fully-functional, in fact, that gardens and livestock were raised on the premises, and the nurse staff was not allowed to leave once they entered. It was a place not just to treat, but to raise those who were suffering from this illness.

The problem? Many more people exited through the “body chute” than the front doors. This resulted in such a massive pile-up of people that the chute endeavor eventually required motorized carts in order to quietly move all of the bodies so that the other patients wouldn’t lose hope.

Now? You can book overnight stays for you and your family for a reasonable rate. You can take tours of the grounds, experience an 8-hour paranormal investigation, and shower right there alongside the disembodied ghostly apparitions that are said to riddle the sanatorium at night.

It’s a regular 5-star entertainment resort!

Vacation time, anyone?

Featured image courtesy of YouTube.