This Dude Built A Touchscreen Mirror That Is Capable Of Ordering You An Uber If You’re Running Late

On a good day, I can toss something in the trash on the first try. Or maybe I might have the exact amount of change to give the cashier. Those are good days in my book where I feel like I’m making great gains in life.

But to an incredibly smart guy like Ryan Nelwan, that’s nothing. In his free time, he built the amazing touchscreen mirror you see in the video below. You can play videos on it, check the weather, control the temperature in your house, and even call an Uber if you’re running late.

Pretty amazing, right? In the video description, Ryan reveals he will be adding updates to the mirror, so make sure you subscribe to his YouTube account and follow him on Twitter to stay in the loop.

Meanwhile, I’ll be over here trying to figure out how to take my phone off vibrate.

Screengrab via: Youtube