This Japanese Train Station Keeps Running For Just One Passenger

The Land of the Rising Sun is no stranger to high-tech bullet trains. These metallic snakes can take you from Tokyo to Osaka in a blink of an eye. They are also fitted with all the latest amenities and features for new and existing customers. With this in mind, there are countless train stations that blanket this fascinating and historic nation.

In a remote town near Hokkaido, there is one Japanese train station that is long overdue to close. However, the Kami-Shirataki station and the train continues to run for one passenger only – a girl who needs it to go to school. This is perhaps one of the most fascinating human interest stories in quite a while.

According to Japanese transportation officials, several railways are rapidly going out of business. With the nation’s birthrates at an all time low – entire train lines have stopped running due to low ridership. Japan Railway, however, decided to keep the Kami-Shirataki station running so the young girl can attend high school.

The train stops at the station twice a day – once in the morning to pick up the girl, and then drop her off after classes are done. This has been going on for three years now – and will end later this month when the girl graduates.


Japanese and global citizens have applauded the railway for going out of their way to facilitate a young girl’s education. This remote news has reached every corner of the globe – and Japan has showed once again why they will go above and beyond when it comes to education. Here is a video of this amazing story that truly captures the allure and essence of the human spirit:



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