This Kid Pulls Moves From ‘The Matrix’ During An Intense Game of Dodgeball

I was first introduced to the game of dodgeball during middle school. It was a pretty awkward affair. Basically, the P.E teacher didn’t really explain the rules; we just separated into two groups, gave us blue and red balls, then both groups paired up with someone (boys with boys and girls with girls).

I was in the first group, and before I knew it, I heard a whistle go off, and the kid across from me began trying to murder me with a red rubber ball. And all I can tell you that when someone who can throw those balls with force hits you, let’s just say it leaves a mark.

And of course, when it was my turn, I couldn’t hit anyone but a cute girl sitting in the bleachers behind my target.

Hurray for my first day.

However, the kid in this video seems to have unlocked master-mode in the game of dodge ball. In the video, we see a boy launching a ball at someone, only for that kid to activate his inner “Neo” and bend over backward to dodge it!

But it was what he did next that blew everyone away. Check it out in the video below.

I tell ya, if it were me throwing that ball, I would have probably conceded the game. I wonder how much something like this would have flipped out teachers and kids back in the 1950s?

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