This Photographer Went Around The World To Capture The Beauty Of All People

In a society that values work more than play, sometimes it’s easy to forget just how beautiful and interesting the world can be. Russian photographer Alexander Khimushin does an excellent job of reminding us of that in his photo series that he calls “World In Faces.” Basically, Khimushin traveled all over the world, taking pictures of the different people he saw along the way. The people in these photos are not often recognized by the media, and therefore don’t get much exposure, so many often go on without knowing that they exist. This being the internet, I think we can do our part to help. Check out these photos and share them to spread awareness of these amazing people!

Ixil Mayan Girl

Via 22 Words / © Alexander Khimushin

Samoan Boy

Via 22 Words / © Alexander Khimushin

Man From The Bodi Tribe

Via 22 Words © Alexander Khimushin

One Of The Oreqen People, From China

Via 22 Words / © Alexander Khimushin

Tibetan Monk

Via 22 Words© Alexander Khimushin

One Of The Wakhi People, From Afghanistan

Via 22 Words / © Alexander Khimushin

Girl From The Tsemey Tribe

Via 22 Words / © Alexander Khimushin

In short, beauty has many different faces, and it’s not just in one place. If you’d like to see even more amazing photos, check out this article by 22 Words, or check out Alexander Khimushin‘s website.

Featured image via 22 Words / © Alexander Khimushin