This Powerful Danish Ad Is Changing The Way People View Each Other

Some mornings you wake up and wonder what’s happening to the world. If you’ve ever tasted any form of discrimination, whether based on race, gender, sexual identity, or religion, you would know that discrimination is easy, and it exists everywhere, in one form or another.

Here’s where Danish TV station TV2 comes in. They’ve put out an advertisement that’s being shared the world over for its positive message on acceptance. Just watch it here:

Called All That We Share, the video starts off by putting a bunch of people into boxes based on how they look or what they do in life. Very soon, those boxes are shattered as the host starts throwing out descriptions, and representatives start coming out from every box.

The final scene, which is the most touching, has everyone come out and stand together to show their love for Denmark, regardless of who they are.

It’s a great lesson on how we just have to rethink our prejudices and not give in to hate or bigotry of any kind.

Feature image via screenshot from YouTube video