This Twitter Trend Is Bringing People Together With An Interesting Common Thread

Twitter is known for its outstanding use of sarcasm and wit as well as its trending topics that allow everyone to weigh in on anything of substance. But sometimes, a hashtag comes along that binds everyone across continents together in the most unexpected ways.

Sometimes a trending news story brings out the best in people, like the reactions to Ariana Grande’s benefit concert after the massive Manchester attack. Sometimes a trending news story can bring out the worst in people, such as every trending news story ever to trend in the past four months.

But, there are some trends that do not come from news stories or outrageous attacks, and are simply meant to find common threads between people in the oddest of places.

Enter in: useless facts about yourself. The trending hashtag took Twitter by storm by uniting the corners of the globe in its race to bond everything together through meaningless supplemental facts that no one in their right mind would even care about.

But Twitter cares.

Twitter always cares.

Twitter Cares About Your Grammar Fetish

And Twitter Cares About Your Social Awkwardness

Twitter Cares About Your Self-Realizations

Your Everyday Flubs

And Your Incredible Life Hacks I’m Now Stealing For Myself

Twitter Cares About Your Awesome Hobbies

And Your Weird Habits

Yes… Lots Of Weird Habits

So. Many. Weird. Habits.

Twitter Even Cares About Your Biggest Childhood Secret!

Whatever it is, Twitter cares about it. Because if it matters to someone somewhere, enough people will align with your thought pattern and bring you all together in trending, harmonious success.

What is the most useless fact about yourself!? Feel free to leave a comment below. Who knows? You might even find a new best friend who can relate!


Featured image courtesy of Pixabay/Public Domain.

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