Thoughtful High School Students Recreate Graduation For Student Who Recently Woke Up From Coma


Most teenagers want nothing to do with their high school after graduating. Once they walk across that stage, their minds are focused on college and a long summer trip to a sunny beach.

But not students at East Juniata High School in Pennsylvania. They had their graduation back on May 25, and three weeks later they celebrated again for their friend Scott Dunn. The high school graduate got into a serious car accident just three days before graduation on May 22.

His injuries were so severe that doctors were forced to keep him sedated for a full week. And as you can imagine, he was heartbroken when he woke up and realized he missed graduation.


When the school’s principal heard Dunn was recovering well inside the hospital, he told the student’s family that the school wanted to do something special for him.

More than 50 of his 80 classmates put their caps and gowns back on to recreate a mini graduation for Dunn. The principal, Benjamin Fausey, was shocked at how many students came back to celebrate…

“Oh goodness, all the students were all excited and in their graduation gowns and caps again. There was so much positive energy.”

According to the report, the first responders who helped save Dunn’s life following the crash were at the graduation ceremony to make the event more special.

Dunn was speechless. He couldn’t believe all the support and love he was receiving, “I don’t know how to even explain it. I’m speechless to know that this many people are behind me.”

Now that he’s expected to make a full recovery, the brave teen is trying to decide between going to college or joining the military.

Images via: ABC