Thursday Throwdown: Top 10 Wackiest Sites Of The Week!

As the days tick on and the week drags is behind as we approach the weekend, we wake up Thursday morning and heave a heavy sigh of despair. Why? Because storms have rattled the East Coast, drought is still overtaking the West Coast, terror attacks have left many families grieving and many more individuals questioning how safe we truly are in this world, and powerful government entities are tripping over themselves like an infant trips over their own feet.

Some weeks, it seems as if there is no room for reprieve, no room for air, and no room for hope.

I cannot promise you hope, but I can promise you a distracting list that will (hopefully) free your mind, if only for a second, from the insanities brewing just outside your door.

If there was ever a reason for Thursday sucking as much as it does, some of those above answers would be it.

So, in an attempt to garner your attention away from the 24/7 news station and provide for it a little relief, I have compiled the 10 most insane posts, pictures, and articles the internet has to offer this week that stems around one thing that always makes our jaws drop: fashion.

1. Here is a massive compiled list of over 200 fashion rules you should never break. But trust me, if I wore half these types of clothes, I’d break every single one.

2. This website of Vogue cover pictures will have you snickering at the fashions they boasted of ranging all the way back to the early 1900s. Then, you can revel in the fact that your children will do the same thing when they are your age.

3. Because there can be a fashion circle for absolutely everything, check out this article on how your toenail polish can fit into the fashionable trends today. However, I think I’ll simply stick with my neutral tones and call it a day.

4. I have no words.

5. If this vintage collection really does make a comeback, does this mean I can confidently wear the white tops my toddler draws on?

6. No one will be as fashionable as this 86-year old man. No one.

7. This kid is everything I would want to be if I cared even a little about fashion!

8. Would you wear any of these swimsuits?

9. It started out as “fashionable” balloon dresses but devolved into something completely different.

10. But, if you needed more of a reason to leave 2016 in the dust writhing naked on the side of the road, then take a look at these fashion trends that dominated the year.

For all of those affected by the Manchester terrorist attack that occurred this week, my heart, positive thoughts, and well wishes are with you all during this absolutely devastating time. May you find peace during this moment of turmoil and may your souls seek healing during this time of darkness.


Featured image courtesy of Pixabay/Public Domain.