Vegas Fantasy Gun Range Lets You Pretend You’re A Sniper, Private Ryan, Seal Team 6 (VIDEO)

Video games have taken over today’s youth, and adults too. Virtual reality is becoming more and more popular, and gamers want more. We may have found a place that will satisfy their cravings.

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One Las Vegas gun range found a way to capitalize on this gaming phenomenon. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually handle some of the awesome guns that appear in video games such as Call of Duty or Counter Strike? Would you like to handle the guns of Saving Private Ryan or Seal Team Six? In the past, that would not have been a reality for the average Joe. That has all changed!

Dubbed the Ultimate Machine Gun Experience, Battlefield Vegas is a gun range in Las Vegas that boasts an arsenal of over 350 weapons. They have separated these guns into 25 different packages based on certain video games, war eras, and even by country that you are free to shoot for a nominal fee.

To make this even more outrageous there are a few more outlandish options. You can shoot a MiniGun which will fire 4000 rounds downrange in one minute. Imagine harnessing all of that power in the palm of your hands.

Aside from all of the Sniper Rifles, Machine Guns, Pistols, and Belt-Fed Guns, you have the opportunity to drive an M1A1 Battle Tank, and crush an actual vehicle. Unlike the games where you will have soldiers chasing and shooting at you, you are in a stress-free environment with all the fun and exhilaration one can imagine.

Finally, as if all that was not enough you will get picked up from your hotel in an actual military Humvee, taken to the range, and dropped back off at the hotel.

This is the pinnacle of any Guy Weekend, Girls’ Night, or just your run of the mill evening. Battlefield Vegas is a bucket list topper for most anyone that loves guns, shooting, video games, or great war movies.

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