Walken In A Winter Wonderland (IMAGES)

Fans of Christopher Walken can now find the iconic actor in Astoria’s Socrates Sculpture Park. As part of the park’s annual Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition, ten sculpture replicas of the famous actor’s head can be found sprouting up out of the snow-covered grass.

Sightseers enjoying the unusual exhibit. | Photo by Scott Lynch/Gothamist

Commissioned Queens-based sculpture artist Bryan Zanisnik credited the inspiration to the surrounding neighborhood where Walken grew up in and continues to be a fixture with a family-owned bakery near the park that now features his heads.

Walken overseeing park activity. | Photo by Scott Lynch/Gothamist

Zanisnik was selected through the highly competitive open call for this exhibition, joining the ranks of former artists Wade Guyton and Hank Willis Thomas. The annual EAF (Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition) boasts an excellent opportunity for rising artists, providing monetary support, guidance, and studio space for innovative, experimental large-scale contemporary works of public art.

A garden of Walkens. | Photo by Scott Lynch/Gothamist

You can find the free exhibit in Socrates Sculpture Park, 3201 Vernon Blvd., at Broadway, Astoria. Open 9 a.m. to sunset.

Featured image via photo from Socrates Sculpture Park