WATCH: Mom With Alzheimer’s Learns Over And Over Again Daughter Is Pregnant (VIDEO)

Watching a loved one suffer from Alzheimer’s disease can be difficult, especially when they have to constantly be reminded of who people are. One woman decided to make the best out of a hard situation by incorporating her pregnancy.

First Child

Christine Stone is a 38 year old woman from South Carolina who is expecting her first child. Naturally she was excited to tell her mom, Setsuko Harmon. Since being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s though, her memory is quite short. Instead of just telling her repeatedly throughout the day, she made it extra special.

Now every time she tells her that she’s pregnant, she films the look of happiness on her mom’s face. Her mom gets extremely excited whenever she’s told because it’s basically the first time she’s hearing about.

She responds with: 

“What? when? Oh good, christine! i’m so glad!”

The video montage has gone viral as people around the world are overcome with joy. Alzheimer’s is a debilitating condition that can be quite strenuous on loved ones. Her father even said:

“It’s a nice video but it just reminds me of alzheimer’s. everything is question after question. where’s this room? where’s that? people who don’t know about alzheimer’s, really don’t understand what’s going on.”

But that only encourages Christine to keep filming.


Her mom has shown her resiliency with other battles, too. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and fought it, only to be later told she had advanced colon cancer and six months to live.

Imagine everyone’s surprise when she beat that, too.

Christine’s child will be shown the video of her grandmother getting excited over her pregnancy one day. She said:

“i know she’s not going to be around forever, and i wanted my baby to see how excited her grandmother was that she was coming. that’s one of the reasons i filmed it. i thought it was adorable how she got so excited and surprised.”

June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. Visit the Alzheimer’s Association to learn more about this condition and see how you can help find a cure.

Watch the video of her reminding mom that she’s pregnant. 

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter.

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