WATCH To Believe: A Man Leaped To Catch A Baby When A Pregnant Woman Just Pooped It Like A Cannonball.

Strange things happen in the E.R. You hear about situations like delusional patients, patients without arms or legs, even patients with their intestines hanging outside their body.

So, when Dr. Heilbron had a day with those kind of patients, he didn’t think his day would be more eventful.

There he was, tending to a patient and eating his when a woman started screaming and wasn’t stopping.

When he turned around, he saw the woman’s legs dangling in the air with her screaming so loud.


Before he can even react, a well-dressed doctor jumped to the rescue and caught the baby in mid-air.


Thanks to the quick thinking doctor, the baby was saved from serious injuries had he not jumped in time to catch it.

Watch the video below:

Images are YouTube screengrabs


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