What The Heck Is Going On In College Classrooms?

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever heard someone say? How many times have you been unable to keep your jaw from dropping mid conversation? Well, if you thought you had heard some pretty strange things in the past, wait until these college students reveal what they’ve heard in the classroom over the years.

When discussing reincarnation: “What if you got reincarnated as, like, a wasp, and you were like ‘I don’t like wasps!’ and stung yourself?” Quote via Reddit

We all know that moment when your mind goes blank and you can’t find the word you’re looking for. One student trying to find the word hippopotamus: “And there was a hipp… a hipp…a funny-lookin’ elephant.”  Quote via Reddit


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One student from LA revealed that she lived in a house right on the “specific ocean”. Hopefully, this earned some confused looks from more than just the teacher. Quote Via Reddit

The tragic yet magnificent miracle that one student described: “I survived Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS as a baby.” Quote Via Reddit 

This student solved our country’s problems with one simple statement: “Why don’t we just print more money to pay off our debts?” Quote Via Reddit

In a desperate cry for help, during an exam, one student blurted, “Is this being graded?”. Quote Via Reddit

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The English language can be confusing sometimes, especially for this student: “So ‘cat’ is the past tense of ‘cut’ right? Like, ‘I cat myself with my knife.'” Quote Via Reddit

Sometimes it is better to silently wonder from your desk. These strange stories won’t be forgotten by fellow students anytime soon.

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