Who Wants A Free Castle In Italy?

A free Italian castle? Sign me up! Yes, Italy is giving away old and run-down inns, villas, and castles for free, as long as you’re willing to assist in restoring them. Once restoration is complete, these areas will be used as tourist attractions, but I doubt it would be too bothersome – a castle would be too spacious for just a few people. Check out some of the areas that could be yours below!

Promoting New Tourist Spots

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The main goal of this project is to create new tourist areas in Italy, because popular places such as Venice are often extremely crowded. Since these historic buildings are not currently used for anything other than scenery, this project hopes to convert these areas into places that attract more tourists. Overall, it is hoped that using these areas will relieve some of the crowding and aid in Italy’s development.

How You Can Get One

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If you want one of these properties, you’ll have to submit an application by June 26. If you manage to get one approved, you’ll have an initial period of nine years (with a chance of extending it another nine years) to work on developing your property into whatever you desire – whether it’s a restaurant, a hotel, or anything else that tourists would enjoy. Having a fancy dinner in an ancient castle sounds like an ideal evening to me!

They’re Giving Away Hundreds!

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If your application is denied, it’s okay! Italy plans to give away 200 more areas like these in the next few years, so just keep your eyes peeled for another opportunity. You can go here for more information (the site was originally in Italian, of course; I ran it through Google Translate).

What Are Your Thoughts?

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I doubt I could renovate an old castle, but it would certainly be interesting to own one. Imagine owning your own castle that you can use however you want (as long as it’s tourist friendly, anyway)! To all of the DIY lovers out there: would you take this opportunity?

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