Why Was This Man in Walmart With a Cart Full of Toys?

The world is full of good people. We are all born with goodness. The common denominator of those people who live their lives to help others is love. Money isn’t the only thing that makes the world go round; for us, it is love. Can you imagine the world without love? Well, to fill you in, it is chaos, war, and heartless. And we can’t imagine that kind of world for our kids. Though life isn’t perfect because of sickness, poverty, and adversities, still, it is a good world to live in after all. And what makes this world the right place to live in are the people who spend their life in serving others.

It may be an old photo, but for us, it is gold. One netizen shares a unique story, which happened at Walmart. Username erica_lee123 saw a man lined up at Walmart counter and caught her attention. What draws the netizen’s attention is the man’s cart full of stuffed animals. Out of curiosity, she asked the man why is he buying a lot of stuffed toys. What she learned next will make your heart full too! The man shares that he dresses up as Santa Claus each year. He makes rounds to the hospital’s children‘s ER halls and delivers a stuffed animal to each child.

The man earns praises and so much respect from the online community. Like what Erica says, the man deserves recognition. What a selfless act that we should follow through. His love for the kids who are supposedly at home for the holidays but stays in the hospital perhaps for treatments is just so touching. Just how we wish that children just be children, no sickness and life challenge yet. After all, we all deserve a happy and healthy childhood. And of course, more happy Christmas that’s full of gifts and love.

Bless the heart of this man, and we hope that he makes more kids happy, especially today that we are amid the pandemic. These days, seeing people exerting effort to make sick kids happy is enough to fill our love tank.

I was at Walmart tonight & I saw this man w/ a cart full of stuffed animals. When I asked him why, my heart became full….

Posted by Newsner.com on Friday, September 25, 2020

We pray that this man becomes an inspiration to make others fill this world with so much goodness. Spread love!