Woman Born With Extra Receptor Sees 99 Million More Colors Than You Do

If you’re like most seeing humans, scientists refer to you as a “trichromat.” Someone who has three types of cone cells in your eyes, each of which can distinguish an average of 100 different shades.

The eyes have it! Via Pixabay.

Combined, those three cone cells can differentiate between about 1 million different colors. If you’re color blind, you were born with only two functioning cone cells in your eyes.

If you don’t belong to either category you may fall into a very rare club born with four cone cell types, known as tetrachromacy. Enabling you to differentiate between upwards of 100 million colors.

Bonus cell receptors make things a lot more colorful. Via Pixabay.

One such person was discovered after a lengthy 25-year search by UK neuroscientists in northern England. Dubbed cDa29 by researchers, this marvel can see an extra 99 million more colors than the average 3 cell cone eyes.

Research continues to shed light on this rare 4D condition. Image via Pixabay.

Other notable tetrachromats that can see in 4D: fish, birds, reptiles, and insects.

With extensive testing, scientists continue to determine the causes behind this and how it can benefit advanced artificial sensing devices.

H/T via Collective Evolution