Woman Decides To Stop Shaving Her Beard, And Now Her Life Has Never Been Better (VIDEO)


We all have things we try to hide. It could be something as simple as a pimple on your face. Just one little mark on a teenager’s face can cause them so much embarrassment. It feels like the end of the world! You lock yourself inside your room and don’t come out until your face is clear.

But what if you had something that refused to go away? Would you let it ruin your life? Or would you stand up and ignore the bullies?

39-year-old Rose Geil has polycystic ovarian syndrome, a disorder that can cause women of reproductive age to grow excess hair on the body. She was first diagnosed with the disorder at the young age of 13. And for years, she had been shaving her facial hair almost every single day. The medication she was taking didn’t control the symptoms, so she was forced to shave constantly.


Obviously, the constant shaving became more painful as the years went by. Her skin was “torn up” and she finally made the decision to put down the razor and embrace her beautiful beard.

And as you can see in the video and the photos, we’re not just being nice when we describe her beard as beautiful. It’s truly a magnificent beard.

During her interview with British talk show This Morning, she talked about how comfortable she is now. She thinks back to the “years of heartache and anguish” and wonders why she didn’t stop shaving years ago. If you want to see more of Rose and her lovely beard, you can click on this link to follow her journey on Facebook.

Images via: Facebook