Woman Finds Hideous Thrift Store Clothes, Transforms Them into Gorgeous Outfits

The recent pandemic and its resulting isolation have provided people with ample free time on their hands at home. Many have been creative of how they make use of this with people falling back in love with cooking or Marie Kondo-ing their home. Some chose to focus on their fitness journey or even dedicate it to a newfound passion. As for Caitlin Tratham of the small town in Jacksonville, North Carolina, she chose the latter. This amazing woman figured she could use this extra time to make her own outfits instead of just sitting around the house. And this is where the magic happened.

You see, Caitlin is a well-rounded lady. She’s a 33-year-old military spouse and a mom of three. She has always been enthused to making little projects of her own and experimenting with things she can work on. But if there are two things that she has been recently fond of, it’s vintage fashion and sewing. And with the recent situation, she was able to combine these two into an interesting hobby- redesigning hideous thrift store clothes into gorgeous OOTDs.

Caitlin was in love with the vintage style though they’re known to be quite costly and even difficult to find. And so, she thought that she could make use of the years of sewing experience and love for the craft to make her outfit ideas into reality. Since she’s also an avid thriftier, she found it’s the best way to do it. She went on hunting for unique pieces to alter and beautify. Her golden rule when shopping is that each item should not cost more than $10. This is pretty understandable considering that she’s doing all the work to save money after all.

If you’re looking for an inspiration for thrift store purchase makeovers or are just fascinated with seeing her cute and stylish work, here are 12 of our favorite transformations:






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DONT @ ME ABOUT THE BROWN PEACOCK APPLIQUÉ 🤣🤣🤣 Jk, I was just so surprised when the people of TikTok got big mad that I took off 🥴 Let’s talk about the real challenges of this dress- 5 layers of tulle and underskirt! This was my second attempt at anything tulle. The first one failed miserably 😂 Also, this dress had a side zipper that I had to take out to size down the bodice. I put it in the back and it does not look… polished. 🤣 Anyway- this was just a fun experiment for me! I love testing my abilities, even when it doesn’t turn out 100%. But, sad news- this was the last dress I got at Goodwill before the shut down. I have other stuff to work on, but it was bittersweet to see this one finished! ❤️

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Impressive, right?! You can see how the outfits where carefully planned and made. If only my hands and imagination would cooperate, then I just might start doing this as well! Way to go, mama!

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