You Won’t Believe What They Found In America’s Abandoned Fabric Factories

America’s abandoned fabric factories still hold many priceless and historic memories. From linens to textiles, these landmarks were once the backbone of American innovation and industrial production. Today, these venues have become tourist attractions for a handful of folks that still remember the “threads” of America.

This relatively unknown world, however, is the premise of a series of photographs by Christopher Payne. As part of his series called Textiles, Christopher takes us on a journey through America’s past with eye-catching and vibrant imagery.


From giant Singer sewing machines to intricate patterns, the photos showcase a time when American production was based at the grassroots level. As a reputed architect and photographer, Christopher highlights over 25 textile mills in the Greater New England area – one dating back to the Civil War days.

These ancient relics are still standing – and you will be able to see the magical world of technicolor threads, fabrics, linens and more. While most of the factories are no longer functioning – there are several that are still in production. These venues even utilize vintage machinery and techniques – simply because people still value high quality products.


Even with our continued dependency on cheap imports, there are factories that are trapped in a time warp – so to speak. While the golden age of manufacturing is long gone, these photos truly capture the allure and essence of a time that once was.


Images via: Christopher Payne